The Underdog Mission

Often the underdog stories we hear are ones of success and the formula is always the same. Some scrappy kid beats the big bully, and suddenly the scrappy kid becomes the hero in the story.

Well screw that.

Underdogs are already the heroes in their own stories, and to others. Why? Underdogs give their all every day to handle the many challenges they face just to make a living. The underdog isn’t only an impoverished kid, underdogs are a diverse population of people from different backgrounds trying to find success in their career and life. The common thread between underdogs is their shared struggle.

This Underdog Life will examine the many backgrounds, stories, and struggles which make up the lives of the underdog. The focus will be on actionable advice to get ahead in a career beyond the traditional formulas normally taught.

Above all else, we will feature stories of underdogs who exhibit kindness and compassion toward others while progressing through their careers. This Underdog Life isn’t dedicated to building potential; it’s about seeing the potential that’s already there.

Our mission is to empower underdogs to see the hero inside themselves so they can bravely leap into their own career journeys with compassion and kindness.