Get Loud: Embracing Anger to Promote Positive Change

As I write this, I have quite the visual in my head, complete with soundtrack. It’s the scene from Apocalypse Now, the helicopters in flight, one of the most iconic from the movie, and the music from Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries pushing each rotation of the helicopter forward. Of course, while that is the picture playing on repeat in my head, it’s not beyond me that this is a movie about male egos leading to the death of innocents. It’s also not beyond me that while this is a movie shifting the paradigm of Valkyries from being badass lady killers , to some testosterone fueled helicopter feeding frenzy. It’s more the spirit of that moment that is in my head, the emotion, this mission to do something and the call of the trumpet spurring me on. That and anger. I have anger. Often times we are told we need to control our anger, informed that our anger is a

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