Dealing With Emotional Fallout When Life Sucks

The purpose of this blog is “how to get ahead when life sucks”, and while I normally try and be the cheerleader behind this project, frankly it’s been hard this last week. When I took on the topic of bullying I was fired up and felt that I had the energy to do this. Good will always overcome the slightly less good, not totally evil, but definitely not looking out for others sort of good. Sadly, I didn’t anticipate HOW emotionally taxing it would be. The topic of bullying was important to me because the bully is the nemesis of the underdog. The one who will do everything to keep the underdog, just that, under. Never helping others to get ahead, or at least ahead of the bully, the bully must always be at the front. In control of whatever the situation the bully feels vulnerable enough in to exert aggression and intimidation tactics. An effen’ black hole of suck.

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Get Loud: Embracing Anger to Promote Positive Change

As I write this, I have quite the visual in my head, complete with soundtrack. It’s the scene from Apocalypse Now, the helicopters in flight, one of the most iconic from the movie, and the music from Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries pushing each rotation of the helicopter forward. Of course, while that is the picture playing on repeat in my head, it’s not beyond me that this is a movie about male egos leading to the death of innocents. It’s also not beyond me that while this is a movie shifting the paradigm of Valkyries from being badass lady killers , to some testosterone fueled helicopter feeding frenzy. It’s more the spirit of that moment that is in my head, the emotion, this mission to do something and the call of the trumpet spurring me on. That and anger. I have anger. Often times we are told we need to control our anger, informed that our anger is a

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The Season of Grief

It’s that time of year, again. The return of the season that marks the end of our year long trek around the sun. Though if we wanted to be pragmatic about it, we could say that every day is a closing to the year that began exactly 365 days before that. Every day is a celebration! But this one is official, it changes our calendars, and our slates are figuratively wiped clean. We begin anew.  Yet, before we get to that point where we click restart, we have one major holiday to manage. Christmas. The one we celebrate on December 25th, but if commercials and retail are to believed, it starts in October. For months we listen to music, view the window decorations, embrace the lattes of the season.  Growing up I loved Christmas. It was magical to me, even past the time where I believed in Santa. Christmas Eve wove a spell for me with the lights, the music,

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Underdog Holiday Giveaway! New Year, New Resume

Here at This Underdog Life, we want to help you find and land your best job. Achieving that goal means having a resume that helps you get there. Maybe you’re feeling like your resume isn’t quite up to snuff, and needs a bit more polish. We got you. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY:  We are offering 5 FREE RESUME critique and feedback sessions in the new year. But Underdog Life, how do I become 1 of 5 lucky individuals to win this? Here’s how:  Submit an email through our Contact Form. Tell us, in one paragraph, why you need a new resume, and how we can help you achieve your goals. Submission Deadline:  Submissions are open through end of the year 2018. We’ll make a decision in January 2019. Good luck, Underdogs! And may the force be with you.