Finding Your Jenny

Growing up in Wisconsin can be tough. I was an awkward child, standard level intelligence, poor. Poor was enough to isolate me in my school growing up where others had the coolest and latest Nikes, and I had whatever we had purchased off the sales rack at Woolworths. This post isn’t about how I used to tie my shoelaces around my pants because they were too wide, it’s really about how I struggled socially for a long time, even through college and into my career. I never really had a tribe of individuals who I fell in with until I was older and met my oldest and dearest friend, when I was 16 going on 17. (/imagine nostalgic music with 70 mm film reel…) She and I met at a camp we both volunteered at and realized our shared love of french fries with mustard.  Don’t knock it till you try it. From that point on, she was my person.

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Painting Fences – Bridget Cogley

“Start getting very creative. Understanding that the first, easiest path, is potentially not viable.” – Bridget Cogley   Our first interview is with Bridget Cogley. Click here to listen! This episode highlights Bridget Cogley who started her professional life as a sign language interpreter. Find out how she moved into technology with a 2 year degree in sign language. **There are mentions of specific products in Bridget’s discussions. This recording is not an endorsement of the mentioned products. Rather, this was Bridget’s route to success, and what has worked for her.  Next month in our podcast we’ll be highlighting another individual, Matt Giordano,  who works for an opposing technology company.  The purpose of allowing for the products mentioned is to let you know there are multiple  routes to success.   

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The Underdog Complex

This week I read an article about the distribution of luck throughout our lives. It opined that the success we realize isn’t a result of anything special that we have done, but rather, a unique inheritance we have been given from our childhood upbringing. This inheritance works the same way you think it would, some of us are given a more sizable inheritance than others which translates into increased luck. Were your tender years filled with awkwardness and angst? Did you struggle socially? Did your parents play a back burner role to your life? Did you tight roll your pants and live to tell the tale? The truth is that some of us had a super sucky childhood, and a vast amount of that suckage was out of our control. For others, it’s the social hierarchies that are playing a terrible role in our society today. Equality is a struggle. This inheritance can have an impact on the amount of

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