Who Needs Wheels? Re-invent Yourself

2 months ago, I started a new job. This line does not convey the absolute enormity of this job change. Let’s start again: 2 months ago, I left a job that changed the direction of my life and my career. In this job I was able to travel the world, expand my network by thousands, and gained invaluable experience, be comfortable. Not only that, but I made the choice to leave this job to work for the company’s direct competitor. Hopefully that gives you a better sense of the immense change I sought in my life. The question that should be emerging from all that is Why. Why would I make such an extreme job change that potentially disrupts my career? Why introduce that level of risk to my life?  The answer is relativity simple; I was extremely unhappy and near burnout. There were three variables contributing to my unhappiness: I didn’t have a voice. At the time, I found myself

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