Embracing Messiness: How to Avoid Laundry & Humanize our Role Models

My home is an exercise is controlled messiness. I hate having clutter on counter-tops, or shoes hanging out in the entryway; however my opposition to clutter ends there. Kitchen and bathroom drawers are open season for shoving things into them. Let’s avoid discussing folding clothes, shall we? Yet, my friends and family believe that I am a “clean” person, and I cringe when I hear this. Why? Because I know the chaos that lurks in the drawers, and in the spare bedroom..(spoiler: it’s where unfolded clothes go to die).  I also know I am not alone…. Non-folders unite! The point is it’s easy to accept the picture people present to us, even if it’s manipulated. It’s in our nature to want to see the best in people we admire. But putting people we admire on pedestals removes their humanity, and the bits that make them, them. It’s like the Olympians in Greek Mythology, worshiped in their temples while they observed

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How to Quiet Doubt With Ice Cream

When you start a new venture, I promise you, there will come a day when a voice emerges. Some days it will be quiet, sometimes moderate, other times blaring in your ear all day long.  It won’t shut up. It will be so incredibly loud you wish you could drown it out, but you can’t, and you succumb. It will be the voice of doubt, and nobody is immune to its siren song. Doubt is a character trait of our humanity. It means we have the ability to weight our choices, and question them, making sure we are heading a direction that feels right to us. Doubt would have saved many a teenager in the Friday the 13th movie series. No, Amanda, tying your shoelace alone in the woods is NOT smart decision.  You should doubt the wisdom in this decision!  *insert screechy slasher music* Is doubt a reflex when we touch something that is too hot, or is brought

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Become Your Own Hero

I’ve had a great day. I needed a reminder that community is important. Finding a group you identify with, builds you up, supports you, and most importantly, motivates you is life changing. I want to tell you why this blog and the interviews that I will be conducting are important to me. Let me tell you why my day was great. Today I was part of a panel of women who were chosen to talk about mentor-ship, specifically what mentors influenced their life and how a person could find a mentor. You may have read about my thoughts on mentor-ship in another post , and realized that I don’t approach mentoring from a traditional point of view, it wasn’t really an option. My point of view exists because of how my career began, and the ultimate trajectory it took. I never finished college. I am 40 years old, and I am finally hitting my stride career-wise. I am now making money

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Who Needs Wheels? Re-invent Yourself

2 months ago, I started a new job. This line does not convey the absolute enormity of this job change. Let’s start again: 2 months ago, I left a job that changed the direction of my life and my career. In this job I was able to travel the world, expand my network by thousands, and gained invaluable experience, be comfortable. Not only that, but I made the choice to leave this job to work for the company’s direct competitor. Hopefully that gives you a better sense of the immense change I sought in my life. The question that should be emerging from all that is Why. Why would I make such an extreme job change that potentially disrupts my career? Why introduce that level of risk to my life?  The answer is relativity simple; I was extremely unhappy and near burnout. There were three variables contributing to my unhappiness: I didn’t have a voice. At the time, I found myself

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The Underdog Complex

This week I read an article about the distribution of luck throughout our lives. It opined that the success we realize isn’t a result of anything special that we have done, but rather, a unique inheritance we have been given from our childhood upbringing. This inheritance works the same way you think it would, some of us are given a more sizable inheritance than others which translates into increased luck. Were your tender years filled with awkwardness and angst? Did you struggle socially? Did your parents play a back burner role to your life? Did you tight roll your pants and live to tell the tale? The truth is that some of us had a super sucky childhood, and a vast amount of that suckage was out of our control. For others, it’s the social hierarchies that are playing a terrible role in our society today. Equality is a struggle. This inheritance can have an impact on the amount of

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